The best HDFC Credit Card in 2019

Best HDFC credit card

So how do you choose the best HDFC credit card? HDFC Bank has a wide collection of one of the best credit cards available in India. It is difficult to recommend a single card to anyone as you may have a different need than someone else.

Hence let’s have a look at the different requirements of credit cards and which would be the best credit card you can look for.

#1) Looking for best HDFC Cash Back Credit Cards:

There are 3 credit cards available in this category

  1. Freedom HDFC Credit Card
  2. Bharat HDFC Credit card
  3. Moneyback credit card

I would recommend the HDFC Bank Moneyback credit card in this category as it gives reward points on everyday purchases, unlike Bharat card which is focused on IRCTC, Bill payments and fuel spends. The same is the case with Freedom HDFC Bank card which is focused on Dining, movies Groceries and Travel.

Features of HDFC Money back credit card


  1. 2 Reward points on every Rs 150 spent.
  2. 2X reward points on online shopping.
  3. Redeem reward points like cash. (100 reward point = Rs 20)
  4. 2500 rewards points as joining bonus and on renewal if the membership fee is not waived.
  5. Zero liability post reporting the card as lost.


  1. Rs 500 + taxes as the first-year fee
  2. Rs 500 + taxes on renewal.

#2) Looking for High Spending HDFC Credit Cards

There are many to choose here. Here are few to consider-

  1. HDFC Bank Infinia credit card
  2. Regalia card

Infinia card is only for selected customers and is offered by invitation only. HDFC Bank Regalia credit card is the right choice if your annual spend through the card is high. This is the most popular credit card among the upper middle class. You can earn –

  • 10,000 reward points if you spend 5 Lacs per annum
  • 15,000 reward points if you spend 8 Lacs per annum.


  1. 4 reward points for every Rs 150 spent.
  2. Airport Lounge access through priority pass membership
  3. 2500 rewards points as joining bonus and on renewal if the membership fee is not waived.


  1. Rs 2500 + taxes as the first-year fee
  2. Rs 2500 + taxes on renewal. This can be waived off for minimum Rs 3 lac spend.

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#3) Best HDFC credit card for women

Undoubtedly, this has to be HDFC Solitaire Credit card. It is specially designed for women and provides rewards for shopping and restaurant spends.


  • Earn 1000 Reward points as a welcome/Renewal benefit on payment of membership fees.
  • Get Rs. 1,000 Shopping vouchers on Rs. 75,000 spends every 6 months.
  • 3 Reward Points on every Rs 150 spent.
  • 50% more Reward Points on dining and grocery spends.


  • Annual Fee – Rs 500

About Credit Cards

Credit cards are offered by Financial Institutions as a loan or credit line to customers that enable them

  1. To use the money now and repay later
  2. To make cashless digital payments using cards and do online shopping.
  3. Earn reward points or cash back
  4. And, if used cautiously, it can also help in building up your credit history and improving/ maintaining your Cibil score.

Drawbacks of Credit cards

If you start misusing and overspending, this would become quite painful. Spending more than 50% of your credit limit negatively impacts your Cibil score. It means securing a loan in the future would be difficult.

I would recommend you to pay your full dues on time and do not indulge in the habit of doing only minimum payment and revolving the credit unless chosen for the purpose.

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