How you can download your E Aadhar?

Aadhar card

Let me answer a brief question on how to download your E-Aadhar. An online downloaded copy of Aadhar from UIADI is your E-Aadhaar. It is just the electronic form of Aadhar. E-Aadhar is acceptable in the same capacity as the Aadhar card.

The process to download the E-Aadhar is as below:

  1. Click on the following link.
  2. You can download your Aadhar based on enrollment num, Aadhaar number or Virtual Aadhaar Id.
  3. Enter your full name, pin-code as per current Aadhaar
  4. Click on Request OTP to get the OTP number.
  5. Enter the OTP number received on your registered mobile number
  6. Click on the Download Aadhar button.
  7. Your Aadhaar would be downloaded if all the details entered are correct.
  8. You can open the E-Aadhar by submitting the password. 
  9. The Password for opening Aadhar is the first four letters of your name and year of birth. For example ABCD1980

Just that, you can now take a print out of this downloaded copy and use it anywhere.

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